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Useful but ugly

Useful app,but the UI is so ugly.

Dont waste your time and money

Dosnt work

Works great

Had issue in the beginning but their tech support is better than 5 starts


I got a whim last night that it would be useful to have a backup of certain txt chains and found this app. It was late at night and the moment I bought the app I hit what I thought was a wall because it wanted me to do a back up to iTunes before doing anything and I use iCloud for backup. I emailed the developer and went to bed only to wake up this morning to a text from him he had sent immediately last night. I texted back early this morning saying I would try this later and he texted back immediately again. Later when I had time to work on it he was still readily available and walked me through exactly what I needed to make the app work properly on a PC. The app is as useful as I had hoped to but the tech-support was truly impressive.

Very helpful customer service

Had a difficult time linking the app to my computer. Fortunately this very friendly and patient individual helped me out step by step through facetime.


Dont buy!!! Complete scam and doesnt work! Apple needs to remove this garbage from the App Store and I want my $5 back!!!!

Do not buy this!!

It requires you to download some app from the internet that is not approved by apple. Then you have to watch a tutorial video made by a computer voice. Looks very weird and suspicious. I wouldnt be surprised that my mac is hacked into now. I want my money back from this hacker. Apple should get this crap off their app store.

Best app and phenomenal customer service

I needed to get an app that would export my iMessages. When I bought this app I was a little bit confused on how to work it. I have to say that this is hands-down the best customer service that I have ever dealt with! I would most definitely recommend this app if you have the same needs that I do! Youll be in very good hands! They walk you through everything will step of the process and it takes no time at all!

Couldnt be Happier

Excellent app! Downloads and stores your messages to your pc like its supposed too! Excellent customer service if you need a hand with install

Perfect support!

I was looking for an app that would let me download my messages and then I couldnt remember my iPhones back up password, I wrote the developer on this app about my problem hoping that I could get around it. He got back to me by text within hours, suggested to me lots of ways that I could remember the password, which included my iPhone lock code, which in the end was what works! The support alone is worth this app, I have a much more expensive package with completely disinterested support people. And Sowjanya is so knowledgeable he could probably help with everything else about your phone too!

Overly complicated garbage

Very difficult to even try to use and ultimately didnt work for me at all. Tech support wasnt helpful. Work arounds didnt work. Worst app I have ever purchased.

Incomplete Exports

Did not work. Exports produced were incomplete.

The Best

I usually dont take the time to review an app but had to on this one. I needed this for legal reasons. I bought other apps that didnt work... But this one was exactly what I needed. The instructions were super easy to follow and it exceeded my expectations. Itll even save your texts in a neat little conversation view. Very cool!

Thumbs up!!

Excellent service! Highly Recommend this product. Saved in multiple formats. I had 5.4GB of text messages to save. They were surprised lol. Needed it for business and personal reasons, and was going away on trip. They walked me through entire process at 12am their time. Very responsive. Pretty easy set-up.

Doesnt work

File required for windows is corrupt.

Great app!

I accidentally found this app on App Store and got it to my iPhone. It is totally great. I will never worry about losing Text Messages because I can now take to my PC. Besides, I can free up memory by saving iMessages permanently to my PC. Thanks developers for such amazing app.

Great App

My friends recommended this app to me. After using this app, I think its great. It allows me to easily export and save iMessages and other text messages to my PC. Therefore, my messages wont be lost if my phone break down. Hope it will be used widely.

Like this app

I will definitely recommend this app to anyone who is looking for an easy way to save Messages to computer.With this app I wont worry about losing Messages anymore.The only way I can describe that is a blessing.

Dont Buy

Sends you to another site to download and install software. Software wont recognize the backups. Reports iOS Error. Useless!!

Too difficult & didnt work

No matter how many times I watched the video or read the trouble shooting, I could not make this work. Complete bummer.

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